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Genesis 13

verse one after Abraham's failure in Egypt is now traveling in the area between Bethel and I can see he has his wife always livestock that he received in Egypt as well as lot. Silver and gold is also mention which we don't have any record of him receiving in Egypt. We can see a foreshadowing in this passage between the sojourning of Abraham and that of the Israelites and then finally that of Jesus. God plagues the Egyptians. Egyptians let them go with great wealth. They returned to the land by stages. Finally back in the land where they worship the Lord. We can see the same thing in Jesus's life. Where Abraham failed in Israel failed; Jesus was also sent to Egypt or fled to Egypt and he returned is 40 days were symbolic of Israel's 40 years but Jesus did not fail.

Verse four and it is significant that Abraham is back at his altar. Egypt was a low point for Abraham in his deception of the Pharaoh in the treatment of his wife his lack of faith perhaps even even going to Egypt and so the narrator brings us back to a place where Abraham has learned his lesson and the altar signifies his renewed dependence on God. The tension in the previous story was out of the severity of famine in here the tension that arises is out of prosperity of Abraham as well as his nephew. This passage represents a test of character for both Abraham and Lot. It is response to the test is one of faith and he was promised land by gone and where he failed in Genesis 12 under of famine here he succeeds by seeking peace with lot.

Aber Hammes succeeds by faith. He sees the same land that lot sees but he trust God for his sustenance. He is now seen his situation through eyes of faith. When you look at Abraham what do you see EGC a nomad wealthy stranger trending hoeing traveling in a land where he may not belong. When you look at Abraham through the lens of God's promise to him which is in Genesis 12 one through three where he is the spiritual where the land is a spiritual inheritance of his land is there for purpose of blessing all families through Abraham. When you see him in this light you see a spiritual pilgrim who God is molding and shaping and teaching and instructing. God did not find a great man and Abraham he made one he is making one here. Lott has also been blessed through Abraham but lot is not seeing things through the eyes of faith. He looks at the land and seas how fertile it is and how he would benefit from taking the greatest land so he sees with his eyes takes what he wants when he's in ozone Abraham is his older Abraham is actually the person to whom the land is promised and the right thing to do would've been to acquiesce to the choice of Abraham. Abraham is in the position of power lies his nephew he had he's an older allots he has every reason to take the best of the land for himself but he doesn't. He trusts what God has for him and does not need to exert his strength or manipulate his circumstances to bring about God's promise. He learned this in Egypt where he tried to manipulate and he'll learned again in the future when he tries to help God along with the promise of a son.

what principle is Abraham demonstrating? Abraham in a position of strength not weakness is sacrificing what would be his right something that he deserves something that he was promised by God and through that action ends up inheriting the land. How would you describe Abraham's behaviors are word you would use that describes a person of strength forgoing the use of their strength and trusting God in God strengthens that?

Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth. We can see here where Jesus gets his material Jesus is not teaching something new is not teaching something am that people didn't know right but they soaked up everything he said because it seemed new to them because they didn't pay attention to it in a lot of ways we don't pay attention to those things. So the meek or someone like Jesus who has the right to rule but gives up out of a position of strength that right in this and instead allows himself to be crucified now ultimately we know that it's Jesus is going to inherit the but inheriting the earth is is kind of a stand-in for for realizing the promise of God of Abraham meekness was rewarded and met with a promise from God reiterating his previous promise that Abraham is actually the one that can inherit the land all the land that is looking at even the lot to the best of it.

Now let's look at lot. Lot looked at the land so what would benefit them the most and took the most well watered land for himself. So the Jordan plane at that time where that there's five cities one of them disarm him was well watered this is before it was destroyed first 12 gives us a little hint about what the narrator thinks about lots decision. Lot decided to pitch his tent near some and it's it's interesting to see lots progression throughout these next few chapters. Here he is living near Sodom and Sodom represents some ego we all know how Sodom was destroyed. Some represents moral degradation people live that totally abandon the cycle of sin is is that full fruition. Lot decided that the best of the land was worth living near the people of Sodom.let's follow lot career from this point.in chapter 14 nurse five cities that are in the Jordan plane one of them is Sodom and they were subjugated by four kings lived up and Persian area that they were basically mining copper for those four things in these in this area. So before kings came and attacked the five cities and overtook Sodom captured all the men of the possessions all the food of Sodom and Gomorrah and left take a look at verse 12 we see that they also took Abrahams nephew Lot and his possessions when they left for lot was living inside. Lot was first living near Sodom now is living in sodom. Facility chapter 19 many things have happened since between Abraham and God Abraham and covenant ratified his covenant with God will hear much about what happened with lot after he was rescued in and got back to sodom but lot's career continued to state inside him and so we know that what happens later as Abraham is met with three visitors and let him know that this is that God is going to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah destroyed area of Sodom and Gomorrah Abraham tries to, negotiate and talk him out of it him is not able to find enough religious people inside them to to satisfy so to Angel's afflicted chapter 19 to angel come down the Sodom in the evening while I was sitting in the cities Gateway to stop there to get another start? Lot so in in these Times are you sitting in the Gateway with someone was to come and traitor visit the city for some reason the little chair at the gate of the city and I was word holder of the city someone in charge of the city would meet that person and now your decide what the manner programmer grower or whatnot so let's look at lots progression. lot first was living near some because it is inability to kick uses spiritualize then he's living inside him and that he's captured their Abraham saves him he gets returned some some of my time goes by and now life is running sodom.

the narrator is lots decision with Sodom and Gomorrah letting us know what the narrator thinks about life's decisions.

Three. This lease means moving right stages from one watering hole to the next the place where Abraham set up his tent is better translated the sacred site.

Four. The altar is very significant in that it reminds us of God's promises and shows us that Abraham is restored to his earlier state of faith. Everything that happened in Egypt can be put behind us.

As seven. The problem between a brand and lot is one of prosperity they are busting at the seams. The problem is compounded by Canaanites associated with the walled cities there also using the land as well as parasites that is not an ethnic term but is probably a term contrasted with the Canaanites. Those that are expelled from the cities and her account of in conflict with the Canaanites and ideas that there's a lot going on here they're trying to get from watering hole to watering all their busting at the seams themselves but at the same time as people associated with the walled cities that are in the area and there's also people that are not associated and there could be conflict bears Wells all is happening once Abraham decides to much we need to separate.

Verse eight. We are brothers means that Abraham is treating his orphaned nephew is an equal he wants to put piece between his family members above his own personal prosperity and decides they have to part company for the sake of peace.if you could left I'll go right is actually Abraham magnanimity to his orphaned nephew forgoing his worldly status as a superior and proving himself a spiritual superior and that is faith gives him the freedom to be generous.

Verse 10. The film is that I elevation and lot probably had it a very good view of the entire Jordan Valley. The area in the Valley is fed by streams and brooks and is in contrast to the area above the family because they're dependent on God to send rain. Like the land of Egypt, could be the narrator's morning to us about trouble ahead

first 12 is where the narrator contrasts the two choices. This nurture choice of meekness of Abraham associates him with the promise land of Canaan and lots worldly choice of his own prosperity associates him with the cities of the Jordan plane. Got a reward Abraham's choice by reiterating his promise and instructing Abraham to walk through the land get familiar with it because it's at it's all his and building another altar is an appropriate conclusion to the story Abraham is now demonstrating his faith in God.

Christians are also called to be meak. We are also called to relinquish our rights in order to enrich others trusting God's promise to provide for us Abraham's security and faith in God caused him to give up the use of the land. We weren't secure in Christ we don't have to grasp greedily for processions.

Leviticus 19:17; Psalms 122; Proverbs 3: 17; Hebrews 12:14; James 3:17 are all occasions where Abraham is applauded for forgoing his rights and his position in order to reconcile a conflict with his brother. Peace between our brothers and sisters should be paramount in our lives.

In this passage there two speeches about the land. In verse eight Abraham gives a speech to lot and demonstrates he can give up the land and got speech about the land reiterating his promise that the land will be given to Abraham.


I. Abraham's confidence in the Lord frees him up to enrich others. a. Abram has learned from his past failure in Egypt. b. Abram now sees through a lens of faith c. Abram foregoes his superior position and treats Lot as an equal. d. God rewards him by re-affirming his promise of the Land. II. Abrams confidence in the Lord frees him up to seek peace. a. Prosperity has brought contention between Abram and Lot. b. Abram yields to avoid conflict among brothers. c. God rewards Abram by re-affirming his promise of descendants. III. Lot’s self-serving outlook binds him to the fate of the ungodly. a. Lot exemplifies pride in his disrespect for Abram. b. Lot does not see with eyes of faith c. Lot’s outlook aligns him with Sodom d. Lot meets Sodom’s destruction.



I. Our confidence in God frees us up to enrich others.

a. Know God cares for our physical needs. (Matt 6:33) b. Learn from our past failures. c. See ourselves and our situation with eyes of faith d. Develop meekness which enriches others (Matt 5:5) e. Seek peace with our brothers (Matt 5:9; Phil 2:3) II. Our confidence in ourselves binds us to the ungodly. a. Avoid self-serving attitudes that belittle others. b. Lot does not see with eyes of faith c. Lot’s outlook aligns him with Sodom d. Lot meets Sodom’s destruction.

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