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Complete in Christ

Col 1:28 τέλειος G5046

properly, brought to its end, finished; lacking nothing necessary to completeness; perfect: Specifically, of mind and character, one who has reached the proper height of virtue and integrity:

The person complete in Christ understands and commits himself to the supremacy of Christ in creation and his life. As his previous state of estrangement and rebellion to God produced evil deeds, his harmony (being "in Christ") will produce matured understanding and biblical living In light of the supremacy of Christ over all things (15-20) In view of previous state of being enemies and estranged (21) This state was expressed in evil deeds (21) In view of fact that HE reconciled (brought into harmony) us through his death to present as blameless (22) dependent on remaining faithful in hope of gospel (23) What is lacking in the sufferings of Christ???

Gal 4:19 μορφόω literally, until a mind and life in complete harmony with the mind and life of Christ shall have been formed in you

The person complete in Christ stands firm in the freedom that allows us to love and serve each other purchased by the work of Christ and does not seek to be justified before God by his deeds. Foolish Galatians are trying to live under the law (3:1-13) Corrective understanding of the purpose of the law (3:15-21) Seeking justification via circumcision (law) is to be alienated from Christ (5:4) Again (4:19) seems to indicate that they accepted the gospel but are straying from it Freedom from law results in freedom to serve and love (5:13)

Eph. 4:13 τέλειον fully grown, matured

The person complete in Christ does not get swayed by false doctrines and lives a life that reflects the truth while seeking to serve the body of Christ. as opposed to children carried about by every wind of teaching (14) practicing truth in love (15) growing up in Christ (15) plural (we all attain) (13) in context of unity of the body of Christ (12) and each persons role in the body (10-11) and care of the body (2-3) previous state is futility of thinking, darkened understanding, and alienation from God (17-18) resulting in indecency, impurity, and greed (19) You were renewed in your mind (23) and reflecting God's image (24) . The truth is expressed in righteousness and holiness (24)

Phil 1:21, 2:5, 3:8

The person complete in Christ seeks to know Christ and the righteousness that comes only from Christ's faithfulness. He seeks the mind of Christ and emulates the humility of Christ. Christ would be exalted (expanded, magnified) in his body ( Phil 1:20 ) Same attitude as Christ ( 2:5 ) - emulating the humility of Christ Knowing Christ and righteousness by way of his faithfulness ( 3:9 )

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